Company Information

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PHA) is an investment holding company that maximizes corporate value by innovating the countryside.

Strengthened by a future-looking mindset and a commitment to excellence, Premiere Horizon Alliance continues to expand into industries with a high growth potential. PHA’s vision is to become a major enabler of countryside development anchored on new technologies and best practices.


As the former Premiere Entertainment Philippines, Inc., it became the first public company engaged in the production of motion pictures. The Company envisioned a two-pronged thrust: to be a major presence in the local and international entertainment industry and to venture into gaming to round up its total entertainment offer. In 2008, the Company acquired Digigames, Inc., a corporation engaged in the operation of internet casino stations. In 2011, the Securities and Exchange Commission authorized the Company to expand to mining and real estate industries. In 2014, PHA raised 620 million from the sale of Total Gamezone Extreme Inc. to Leisure and Resorts World Corp (LRWC). Prior to the transaction, Digiwave, transferred all its assets to TGXI.

Today, Premier Horizon Alliance Corporation’s mission is to engage in sustainable countryside development using new technologies and best practices in the fields of Food Security, Natural Resources Development, Life Sciences and Technology, and Tourism, and with each business consistently contributing to Shareholder Value.

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 Annual Report 17-A

 Quarterly Report (September 30, 2017)

 PHA 2017 Annual Report