Concepts Unplugged: Business Environment Solutions Inc. (CUBES)

cubes 3CUBES is engaged in the business of providing refrigeration to established cold storage facilities through a US-patented ThermoChiller system developed in the United States. The technology significantly reduces operating costs arising from high electricity bills and recurring equipment repair expenses and can provide refrigeration up to -25 degrees Celsius.

This modular system is scalable, easily replicable and has been deployed in numerous sites in the US for the past 15 years. CUBES shall be the exclusive project company of this technology for the Asia Pacific region. For the Philippines, the technology will be deployed as off-grid installations that will utilize alternative fuel sources, specifically biomass, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability by diminishing the dependence on fossil fuels and the electricity grid.

CUBES’ business model is that it will install its equipment at the client’s facility at no capital expenditure cost to the client. What will be charged are only monthly service fees for providing the client’s refrigeration requirements. These service fees are significantly lower than the client’s electricity cost and eliminate the repair and maintenance expenses related to operating their existing refrigeration units. Moreover, the risk of failure of CUBES’ system is mitigated by the fact that the client can simply revert back to their old refrigeration system in case of such event.

Premiere Horizon’s acquisition of the majority stake in CUBES is aligned with the Company’s thrust of invigorating the countryside with its focus on food security through its support of cold storage facilities. CUBES already has a contract with Jentec, the largest cold storage and cold chain logistics company in the country, servicing Jollibee Food Group, KFC, Selecta and Nestle among others. 


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