Board Committees

To further comply with the leading practices on good Corporate Governance, the Company, through its Board of Director, adopted and approved its Charters of the Audit Committee, Nominations Committee and Compensation Committee.

The Nominations Committee was constituted to accept and to pre-screen nominees for election as independent directors conformably with the criteria prescribed under existing SEC rules and the Company’s Code of Corporate Governance; to prepare and to make available to the SEC and the stockholders before the stockholders’ meeting a final list of candidates; to establish a formal and transparent procedure for developing a policy on executive remuneration, and for fixing the remuneration packages of corporate officers and directors.

Executive Committee
Chairman: George Y. Sycip (Non-Executive Director)
Members: Augusto Antonio C. Serafica, Jr.
  Raul Ma. F. Anonas
  Winston A. Chan (Non-Executive Director)


Audit Committee and Risk Oversight Committee:
Chairman: Arsenio Benjamin E. Santos (Independent Director)
Members: Ramon G.Santos (Independent Director)
  Victor Y. Lim (Non-Executive Director)
  Siso M.Lao


Corporate Governance Committee (formerly Nominations and Compensation Committes):
Chairman: Ramon G.Santos (Independent Director)
Members: Arsenio Benjamin E. Santos (Independent Director)
  Victor Y. Lim (Non-Executive Director)


Related Party Transactions Committee:
Chairman: Winston A. Chan (Non-Executive Director)
Members: Victor Y. Lim (Non-Executive Director)
  Ramon A. Recto (Non-Executive Director)
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 Annual Report 17-A

 Quarterly Report (March 31, 2018)

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