Board of Directors

Ramon G. Santos

Independent Director

Mr. Ramon G. Santos (age 68) was elected as Independent Director on February 06, 2018. Mr. Santos served in the Philippine Army for 33 years and retired with a rank of Brigadier General in 2005. He was appointed as Undersecretary in October 2005 with the Office of Presidential Adviser for the Peace Process (OPAPP). Mr. Santos is a Professorial Lecturer at the Institute of Graduate Studies of the Philippine State College of Aeronautics. He is currently working as Senior Technical Consultant at the OPAPP. Mr. Santos is currently the President of Green Power Panay Inc., CEO of Tirad Pass Consulting, Director of the Education and Training Committee of One Eye Security Consultancy and Senior Vice President of the Professional Training Institute of Kali, Inc. Mr. Santos has a PhD and Masters in Development Administration from the Philippine Christian University. He also finished his Master in Strategic Studies at the US Army War College in the USA.