Corporate Governance

PHA upholds its integrity by adhering to international standards of good corporate governance. Learn how we create quality shareholder value here.

The Board of Directors and the Management of PHA also recognizes good corporate governance as essential in performing its obligations to the company’s stockholders. To this end, PHA aims to strengthen its corporate governance to accomplish the corporate goals along with its guarantee to increase stockholder value.

The original Manual of Corporate Governance was adopted on 1 July 2002. Pursuant to SEC Memorandum No. 6, the Company revised its Manual of Corporate Governance on 16 September 2009. The Company accomplished and submitted its Corporate Governance Scorecard Survey for Publicly Listed Companies. In compliance, the Board of Directors and Key Management officers of the Corporation have attended Corporate Governance seminars and will continue to do so on an annual basis.

To measure the extent of compliance with the Manual, the Company conducted self-assessment and submitted its first Governance Self Rating, which reported no significant deviation, to SEC and PSE on July 25, 2003. The latest self-assessment conducted by the Corporation was in 2011, when the Corporation participated in the Corporate Governance Scorecard for Publicly Listed Companies, which was administered by the Institute of Corporate Directors, SEC and PSE. The Scorecard was submitted on November 25, 2011. Additionally, the Company submitted its Corporate Governance Guidelines Disclosure Template on March 28, 2012 to the PSE.

The Company established an evaluation system to measure or determine the level of compliance of the Board of Directors and top level management with its Revised Manual of Corporate Governance (“Manual”) that included the continuous monitoring of the Board members’ attendance in its board meetings and various committee meetings. The Certification on the Attendance of the individual members of the Board of Directors is submitted annually to the SEC and the PSE. Moreover, the attendance and participation of the members of the Board of Directors and the senior management of the Company in seminars and trainings on Corporate Governance are also monitored and submitted to the SEC and PSE.

Manual on Corporate Governance

This Manual on Corporate Governance shall institutionalize the principles of good corporate governance in the entire organization.

Corporate governance refers to the structures and processes for the direction and control of the company. Corporate governance concerns the relationships among the management, Board of Directors, shareholders and other stakeholders. It is the framework of rules, systems and processes that governs the performance by the Board of Directors and Management of their respective duties and responsibilities to the shareholders.

The machinery for corporate governance of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (“PHA” or the “Corporation”) is principally contained in the Corporation’s Articles of Incorporation and By-Laws and their amendments. These constitutive documents lay down, among others, the basic structure of governance, minimum qualifications of directors, and the principal duties of the Board of Directors and officers of the Corporation. The function of this Manual of Corporate Governance is to supplement and complement the Corporation’s Articles and By-Laws by setting forth principles of good and transparent governance.

The Board of Directors and Management, employees and shareholders, believe that corporate governance is a necessary component of sound strategic business management and will therefore undertake every effort necessary to create awareness within the organization as soon as possible.

Revised Manual on Corporate Governance Report as of May 30, 2017
Premiere Horizon Alliance Code of Business Conduct and Ethics as of January 4, 2016

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

The Company has adopted a Code of Business Conduct and Ethics. Under this code, the Board of Directors, officers, management and staff commit themselves to conduct business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and shall discharge their duties with utmost responsibility, integrity, transparency, competence, loyalty, and will uphold corporate interest over personal gains.

Company Policies

Below are the manuals and reports that guide Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation

Whistle-blowing Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Insider Trading Policy

Related Party Transactions Policy

Policy and Data Relating to Health, Safety and Welfare of Employees, Including Company Sponsored Tranings



Rights of Shareholders

Annual Corporate Governance Report (ACGR)

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation recognizes the need to ensure that the Company is directed, supervised, and supported with accountability, impartiality and transparency.

Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report

Please find the attached Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation for the year 2022.

PHA_2022_I-ACGR May 30 2023_FINAL

Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report (2021)

Please find the attached Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation for the year 2021.

Integrated Annual Corporate Governance Report (May 31, 2022).pdf – Google Drive