Dear Fellow Shareholders:

 It is with great honor and privilege that I address you again today, our shareholders, as the Chairman of the Board of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation. Your board and management team are before you today continuing to commit to the highest standards of good corporate governance and faithful stewards of our company‚Äôs resources. 

With all the strategic changes put in place since I addressed you last year, your board continues to be optimistic and confident of the great future for PHA and its shareholders. We continue to focus not only on value creation but in ESG focused initiatives. 

 Our President & CEO, Eugene Tan, a financial services expert, continues to steer our company towards this vision. As before, he will address you shortly and will outline the tasks that your board and management has undertaken and will continue to undertake to achieve these goals. 

I again enjoin all of you, our shareholders, to work with us, and hold us accountable to these commitments.

Thank you for continuing to trust us. Your board and management team will work doubly hard to earn that trust.