PHA Complete Private Placement of Premiere Georesources and Development, Inc. (PGDI) to comply with SEC Public Float Requirements

(September 21, 2018)

In connection with the planned listing by way of introduction of Premiere Georesources and Development, Inc. (“PGDI” — formerly Redstone Construction and Development Corporation or “RCDC”), a subsidiary of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (“PHA”), and the attendant SEC guidelines requiring a minimum public ownership of 20% for companies applying for listing, PHA is pleased to announce that it has completed the private placement of 523M PGDI shares owned by PHA, representing 9.6% of PGDI’s 5,454M outstanding shares.

As a result of the private placement, PGDI will have a public ownership of 23.5% upon submission of listing application. The strategic ownership will be at 76.5% consisting of PHA at 54.7%, and other strategic partners at 21.8%.

The private placement was done at a price of Php0.20 per share, corresponding to a PGDI market valuation of Php1.1B.

The transaction closing documents shall subsequently be executed by the concerned parties and will be disclosed as soon as completed.

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