Goshen Land Capital, the real estate subsidiary of Premiere Horizon, has launched its newest vertical development in Baguio City dubbed “Stanford Residences”.

Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PHA:PHA)

PASIG CITY, PHILIPPINES, September 30, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Goshen Land Capital, Inc. (Goshen), the top developer in Northern Luzon and the real estate subsidiary of Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation (PHA), formally launched in September its newest vertical development in Baguio City dubbed “Stanford Residences”. Goshen’s newest income-generating property is well situated near Baguio’s Central Business District and walking distance from Saint Louis University, Sacred Heart Hospital, Session Road and the city public market. Stanford Residences is located at Barangay New Lucban, a high rental demand area and ideal as a personal use residential condominum and as an excellent student dormitory especially with its proximity to Baguio’s top schools. Units can also be rented out for short-term or long-term lease to workers in the city or for transient visitors and tourists. The project has a total of 214 residential units and 4 commercial units. There will be a total of ten floors, with six floors up and 4 basement levels. Sub-structure construction is scheduled to start in October.

Baguio City, known as the Summer Capital of the Philippines, enjoy year-round cool climate and is a favorite among local tourists. With the pandemic, Baguio City has become more attractive as a base for people working from home and for people who are longing for travel. Those who were cooped up in their houses two years into the pandemic find Baguio a welcome respite with its invigorating breeze. This makes Stanford Residences a great investment option for those who are looking to rent out their units to visitors when they are not using them. The pandemic has made Baguio the best residential and vacation choice not only due to the rising temperature brought about by climate change but also because of its proximity to Manila which now takes only three hours even coming from the South. More importantly, the city is known for its strict adherence to health and safety protocols. Baguio has now become a “safe haven” for both locals and tourists.

Baguio City is also home to some of the top universities and schools in the country which has attracted students from all over Luzon creating a big demand for dormitories and condominiums. The city has proven itself as one of the best educational centers in the country. Aside from a good comfortable study-inducing climate, the city also churns out top notchers in the fields of law, medicine, engineering, mining engineering and accountancy. In the recently published results of the Physician Licensure Examination released by the Philippine Regulatory Commission, six of the top ten are from Saint Louis University, a top-ranking Baguio university whose main campus is walking distance from Stanford Residences.

Goshen Land Capital, the developer of Stanford Residences has a proven track record in terms of condominium developments. The company pioneered vertical residential developments in Baguio City when it started with student condominiums in 2007. The company has delivered 18 buildings with around one thousand eight hundred units. These projects are all known for their central and ideal location. The North Cambridge project has three residential student condominiums aptly named Princeton (288 units), Harvard (215 units) and Wharton (179 units). The project is beside the Saint Louis University Annex. Another project is The Courtyards, a quiet and breezy masterplanned community retaining Baguio’s old charm with three projects namely CY Cabins with 16 units each, CY Manors with four buildings for a total of 265 units and CY Lodges with 70 units. Burnham Hill Condominium is another centrally located residential condominium project with 72 units and walking distance to Burnham Park and Baguio General Hospital. Central Apartments is located in Trancoville, near Baguio’s Central Business District. The project has four building with 48 units each. The most recent project is GoshenLand Towers, centrally located in General Luna just below Session Road with three wings for a total of 232 units. Goshen is looking at launching more horizontal and vertical projects by next year.

Premiere Horizon acquired majority stake in Goshen in 2015 in its bid to expand its real estate focus especially in the countryside. Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation is an investment holding company with a vision to develop the countryside through ecotourism, responsible mining and consolidated real estate developments while exploring diversified interests in clean energy, innovative technology and sustainable agriculture. For more information please visit: https://premierehorizon.com/ For inquires please email: investors@premierehorizon.com For more information on Stanford Residences, please visit: https://www.facebook.com/goshenlandcapitalofficial.


For inquires please email: info@goshenlandcapital.com

Ana Liza Aquino
Premiere Horizon Alliance Corporation


– einnews.com / September 30, 2021